Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Endocrine appt.

So, I am probablly worrying too much! Logan had an endocrine appointment yesterday. I wasn't real concerned. His blood sugars have been great! And I thought that Lo had been gaining weight in the last 3 months. Well, he was about the same weight-down alittle. He got alittle bit taller. I know that growth slows down at 3, but the endocrine seemed alittle concerned. They are thinking maybe it is more related to GI than his growth hormone levels. Well, we did the blood test to find out what his growth hormone levels are too. Which in January were undetectable and then then next time they were checked were alittle higher. We will find out in a couple weeks if they are at least detectable. I'm not sure if there is more of a problem- is it GI related or is it endocrine related? Should I even be concerned- he is acting and looks healthier now than he has in forever? Alittle background- he has Septo optic displasia- can cause low blood sugars, Dumping syndrome- really high highs and then drop really fast. He has been doing G-tube feeds all night and has seemed to have corrected the symptoms of the dumping syndrome almost entirely:) When lo was gaining weight consistantly he was feeding overnight and off all allergin foods even though the only allergy he tests positive for is milk, but has also been diagnosed with a soy allergy. His stools always have whole food in it. Like if he has brocolli, when he stools it looks exactly as it went in even the same color. My hope is that some of what he eats is actually being digested. He is on formula that is for super sensitive stomach's- given to kids who have difficulty digesting. So, he get nutrition from formula even when he doesn't digest the actual food he puts in his mouth. But, we have lowered the amount of formula as he is easting more. I am just wondering outloud if he isn't digesting "real" food, so when the formula is lowered- is he not getting enough calories/nutrition. Then why doesn't he digest food? I know he can "dump" food expecially when he eats alot at one time, but I am wondering if there isn't more. I don't know what else it could be- definately done my own research- and Lo's been tested for everything under the sun. Often I don't feel listened to as a mom, but since we changed GI's he has looked into everything and has listened to me. So, hopefully I am just overreacting and he is fine- will gain extra for our Dec. appt. I tend to worry, and thought I would share my worry. Today, I will pray for answers as we figure out what is or is not going on.

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