Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snuggling with my little man now. But feeling very sad and worried. Trying to rememer that God is in charge and is watching over my little guy. The cardiac catherization yesterday was alittle discouraging and worisome. We went in thinkig IF there were collaterals they would be coiled and all would be great- well stable for a while. I was hoping he didn't have them because i didn't want logan to have another condition we would be continually TREATING. Guess what he has them but,from what know in now they cannot TREAT them. They are too large. Logan has created a whole network of tiny vessels. Right now Logan is functioning fine. He doen't seem to drop oxygen levels too low for him on an everyday basis. When he gets a respirtory infection he has needed extra oxygen. My concern and i am sure future discusion for his cardilogist is what does this mean for his future. Will he keep creating these and how do we manage it and will the blood flow going out the collateral get larger causing lower o2 levels. Just a worried mama. Of course they said if he didn't have the portal vein thromosis this would be simple. They would just do the fontan. I think this is what is most difficult. Each Medical condition lo has effects the treatment plan.